MY LOVE Sex Romance, Lana Ramos
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MY LOVE: Sex Romance

Author: Lana Ramos

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Lana Ramos

Published: 10/21/2020


Set in th? ??t? ?f Adelaide, S?uth Au?tr?l??, th?? ?? the tale of what h????n? wh?n d?v?r??d single m?th?r L?u??? m?v?? in n?xt to P?ul, a never-married h?gh ??h??l t???h?r. Paul ?? ?mm?d??t?l? taken with the pretty redhead but ??nn?t w?rk u? th? n?rv? t? ask h?r ?ut, finally getting th? courage to do ?? ?ft?r ?l?nt? of encouragement from J?n?, P?ul'? ??-w?rk?r ?nd platonic fr??nd.But wh?l? it is f??rl? obvious wh? Louise is ??ngl? - ?h? is a d?v?r??? - th? reasons wh? 41-year-old Paul d????t? h?? n??? ??r??n?l?t? and g??d l??k? h?? n?v?r m?rr??d are not so clear. W?? P?ul unlucky ?n l?v?, never m??t?ng th? r?ght girl at th? r?ght time? H?? ?h?n??? w?th the l?d??? ?lw??? b??n a ?r?bl?m that l?d h?m t? b??h?l?rh??d? Was Paul ?n h?? ??ung?r ???r? a ?l??b?? who ?l???d the field until h? f?und himself alone as m?ddl? ?g? ???r???h?d? Or is there more t? P?ul'? story than m??t? th? ???? F?nd out by reading 'My Love'.