My Hard Sex Story, Lana Ramos
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My Hard Sex Story

Author: Lana Ramos

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr 12 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Lana Ramos

Published: 10/21/2020


M?k?'? flight fr?m Bali t? Singapore h?d been uneventful giving h?m just und?r tw? h?ur? t? r?m?mb?r the f?bul?u? pussy h? h?d fu?k?d the day b?f?r?. H? could still ?lm??t t??t? her fleshy l?b?? and the way h?r m?uth tasted after ?h? h?d l??k?d h?m ?ff. H?? connecting A?r India flight to B?mb?? w?? ???k?d w?th Indians r?turn?ng fr?m S?ng???r? loaded with ?h????ng. Lu?k?l? h?? ??m??n? h?d b??k?d h?m ?n bu??n??? class, which ?n th? A?r Ind?? jumb? j?t is ?n th? u???r d??k. Th?r? w?r? ?nl? two ?th?r passengers, ?n ?ld?rl? Indian couple, in th? business ???t?. Th? ??r?-?l?d flight ?tt?nd?nt wh? h?d shown h?m t? h?? ???t ?n th? second r?w h?d b??n a g?rg??u?, d?rk eyed, f??r ?k?nn?d b??ut? ?u??n w?th a ?m?l? th?t ??uld light u? h?? d?rk bedroom any n?ght…