Minimalist, Lilly Nolan
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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Home, Decluttering Your Mind, and Creating a Joyful Life

Author: Lilly Nolan

Narrator: Kerin McCurdy

Unabridged: 1 hr 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Lilly Nolan

Published: 04/02/2022


If you want to know the ONE simple lifestyle change that will transform your life, then keep reading…Would you like to wake up everyday in a cozy and beautiful home, surrounded ONLY by the objects that inspire you to live a meaningful life?Would you like to live a simple life with absolutely NO clutter, stress, or anxiety?Would you like to free yourself from that seemingly never-ending nightmare?I get it. Endless organizing, cleaning, and decluttering, day in and day out…you must be tired of it by now.In this book, I will introduce you to minimalist lifestyle, an easy tool that will help you create a clutter-free and spick-and-span home.By listening to “Minimalist”, you will discover:The psychological reasons why it is difficult for you to get rid of your belongings and how to break away from these limiting mindsetsExactly how to let go of all the items at home that serve as clutterThe complete step-by-step guide on how to divvy up your possessions in individual boxes so that you know what to keep, donate/recycle, revisit, and discardProven strategies to control your desires for material goods and prevent you from acquiring new clutterHow to become more concentrated on things or people that are more valuable to youThe top tips for having less and enjoying moreAnd much more!So, are you ready for a happy and fulfilling life? If you are, then simply "Click Add to cart" now, and be prepared for a massive transformation in your life!