Millions of Churches, Bill Vincent
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Millions of Churches
Why Is the World Going to Hell?

Author: Bill Vincent

Narrator: Rick Vaught

Unabridged: 1 hr 34 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: RWG Publishing

Published: 05/25/2020


Whether everyone will admit it or not, the traditional church is in deep trouble and has been struggling for years to survive. There is a small rise of some new, non-traditional churches that help us all realize that God truly has a new way of doing Church. There is no easy fixes but at the same time, there are real roots that are being revealed in this book. The Church does not need another program nor does it need another religious organization. We don't need religious leaders but compassionate, Christ centered leaders. Bill is a prophet of God with a strong Word that all of the Church needs to hear. Bill reveals that there are so many Churches both big and small meeting and keeping silent while the World gets worse in many areas. The fact of the matter is the world and even some Churches are on the road to Hell. We must hear the urgency of all that God has laid on the heart of Bill Vincent and many prophetic voices like him. So many Churches in America why is America in such bad shape somebody is dropping the ball This why we can't just go to Church as spectators when we're asked to pray for a person or Country we need to take it seriously and really travail and intercede instead of shrugging it off and leaving it to the next person. This would be where someone would drop the ball. You know why bad things have happened in America because God is trying to wake this Country up and believe there is a higher power in this Country and it is not the President of the United States.