Million Dollar Ecommerce, Red Mikhail
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Million Dollar Ecommerce
A Beginner’s Guide to Building an Unforgettable Ecommerce Brand. Pick a Profitable Idea, Start a New Online Business and Scale It to a 7-Figure Income Source

Author: Red Mikhail

Narrator: Tom Chandler

Unabridged: 1 hr 49 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/19/2021


??Do you want to start and grow your own 6-7 figure per year e-commerce brand???Do you want to launch products that thousands of people love and purchase over and over again? Then this book is for you.Here's a preview of what you'll discover:A realistic behind-the-scenes look at starting and growing a 7-figure e-commerce brand.Why DIFFERENTIATION is the key to scaling your brand, and how you can differentiate using the "Core Four" of product differentiation (explained with examples).Discover why customer service is one of the main keys to creating a 7-figure brand in this day and age.How to approach product research the NEW and BETTER WAY... Clue: It has nothing to do with Amazon product rankings.How to source products through 3 different ways, plus when and how to create the product on your own.Exactly how to evaluate your suppliers and the 9 key metrics to look at before you choose your manufacturer.How to sell your physical products WITHOUT having thousands of dollars in advertising budget.6 main strategies to follow to scale your brand to 7-figures per year.What the "ROI WASH" approach is and how you can use this to grow a $500 ad budget into (possibly) 10s of thousands of dollars.Discover a simple, actionable, and beginner-friendly way of starting a profitable e-commerce brand from scratch.???GRAB YOUR COPY AND GET STARTED WITH YOUR OWN E-COMMERCE BUSINESS TODAY???