Midnight Sun, Lindsey Pogue
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Midnight Sun

Author: Lindsey Pogue

Unabridged: 16 hr 57 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Lindsey Pogue

Published: 06/12/2021


**INCLUDES A BONUS CHAPTER FROM FADING SHADOWS - ROSS'S STORY**They survived the Alaskan winter after the Virus devastated the North, but summer in the land of the midnight sun is fraught with a brutality of its own—long, grueling days, mosquito-ridden evenings, and woods with lurking shadows more dangerous than grizzlies. With the discovery of impossible superhuman Abilities, and the looming threat of General Herodson in the lower forty-eight, the Yukon is no longer the refuge it once was.After deciding to stay in Whitehorse, Elle and Jackson work tirelessly to build a self-sufficient home and protect their newfound family. But, it’s not long before they realize that even if the world as they once knew it is long gone, everyone’s turbulent pasts still linger, and surviving the Virus was only the beginning.Sophie’s troublesome dreams begin to worsen, and her Ability makes it impossible for the people she cares about to get closer to her, especially Alex. As her friendship with Phil strengthens, and Alex pulls further and further away, she begins to question her reality, and above all else, her sanity.When whispers of dissension and chaos among the General’s ranks reach Whitehorse, and other survivors begin to amass in Hartley Bay, Alex jumps at the chance to explore the world beyond the group’s safe haven, and leave his bitterness behind. But when alarming news from home reaches him, Alex must face his fears once and for all, or risk losing everything good he’s ever known.Listening Order:The Darkest WinterThe Longest NightMidnight SunFading Shadows (Summer 2021)Untamed (Summer 2021)Unbroken (Fall 2021)