Megaton Murphy, Craig A. Falconer
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Megaton Murphy

Narrator: Eric Reed

Unabridged: 1 hr 12 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Craig Falconer

Published: 01/25/2023


Of all the jobs to fall asleep on...As the well-tipped tour guide at a model town within a nuclear test site in 1950s Nevada, Darren Murphy has a job to die for.His work is easy and relaxed, much like himself, drawing envy from his wide circle of friends.But one fateful day after one particularly late night in the burgeoning city of Las Vegas, Darren makes a huge mistake.The mother of all accidents"I'll try my best to get us all out of here before the next bomb goes off..." Murphy often jokes to his rapt tour groups.Only this time, due to a slip-up no one could have foreseen, his best might not be enough.And when the dust settles after a remarkably powerful nearby detonation, the man looking back at Darren Murphy in the model house's mirror might not be the one who stood there before the blast...__________Megaton Murphy is one in a series of Sci-Fi Sizzlers: standalone short stories from international bestselling author Craig A. Falconer. These stories can be read in any order — dive in today!