McQueen of the Tumbling K, Louis LAmour
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McQueen of the Tumbling K

Author: Louis L'Amour

Narrator: Dramatization

Abridged: 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/01/2008


McQueen of the Tumbling K
Ranch foreman Ward McQueen recognizes trouble when he sees it-and trouble is what the Texan sees when he spies the tracks of a wounded man in the middle of the big Tumbling K spread. In town, he learns that a tinhorn gambler has just won the ranch next to the Tumbling K in a dirty card game--and is turning his oily gaze toward the K's pretty owner, Miss Ruth Kermitt.

Sure as shooting, McQueen knows the shifty-eyed parlor snake has something to do with the tracks, but before he can prove it to Ruth Kermitt. McQueen finds himself ambushed, dry-gulched, and left in a shallow grave to die--