Master vs. Mistress, Episode 6, Em Brown
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Master vs. Mistress, Episode 6

Author: Em Brown

Narrator: Christian Neal

Unabridged: 53 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/24/2020


Episode 6 in a wickedly hot nine-part erotic historical serial. Do you dare to submit?Ever since Master Damien left her broken-hearted several years ago, Greta has found solace and confidence in her new identity as Mistress Scarlet. Spurning men altogether, she deals only with the fair sex.But Master Gallant has thrown her world topsy-turvy by requiring her submission.After several years in the Orient, Charles Gallant has returned to the Red Chrysanthemum, where members indulge in carnal pleasures both wicked and wanton. He knew Mistress Scarlet when she was Miss Greta, a most delightful submissive then joined to the rogue Damien. Now that she is free, Charles has devised a way to claim her for his own. With new instruments of pain and pleasure obtained from his travels, he intends to reawaken Greta to the raptures of submission.Greta, however, is not about to surrender herself without a fight. She would like nothing more than to make him rue the day he took her on in their first fateful challenge. But Master Gallant's skills prove far more formidable than she expected, enflaming desires she had thought lay safely dormant. Will the Master or the Mistress prevail?Or will the unexpected return of Master Damien undo them both? Advisory: This serial contains BDSM elements, submissive training and other forms of wicked wantonness. Read only if you can take the heat.