Manage Your Anger, Carmelo Burke
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Manage Your Anger
Tips for Daily Self-Control and Coping with Frustration or Losses

Author: Carmelo Burke

Narrator: Thomas Cassidy

Unabridged: 2 hr 8 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/29/2023


Discover the best ways to master and manage your temper.Anger is a natural way to react when people or circumstances cross our boundaries, don’t meet our expectations, or things are just peachy! It’s called life, right? But sometimes, it can get out of hand, or we wish we could stop the boiling aggressive energy inside us. No worries! This book is excellent for anyone looking for some quick tips to manage your anger better. Sometimes we get frustrated or simply can’t take it anymore in life. A lot of circumstances and people are working against us, and we are boiling up inside, waiting to explode. Well, there are ways to handle these emotions better. These feelings often come naturally when people cross our boundaries or we face disappointments, but minimizing your anger is possible.You can learn about:The psychological and biological causes of angerWays to control or diminish your angerThe best ways to deal with angry relativesRelaxation tipsHow to channel your frustrationWhat to say and do when you’re annoyedA list of what frustrates people the most (you’re probably no exception)About avoiding triggersTips on what to do when you get frustratedStop living in anger and frustration, and discover the helpful tips in this comprehensive guide. Not all of them will be equally helpful for each person, but I guarantee you there will be things in there you can apply and benefit from.Add this book to cart now!