LAXSYDYVR, Beverley Boissery
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Unabridged: 5 hr 53 min

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Published: 11/09/2020


"Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you." LAX-SYD-YVR is a seniors' fairy tale complete with a big bad wolf and two Princes Charming. Bev never believed in fairy tales. That is, until she won a huge jackpot. At first, she did the ordinary things, such as paying off her son's mortgage and setting up a trust fund for her grandson. Then she set about redeeming careless promises -- "If ever I win lotto, I'll buy you a new car," etc. Finally, she and her best friend Heather began planning a bucket list luxury trip to Australia. They would fly first class and explore loved locations from Bev's teenage years. What could go wrong?They had forgotten that fairy tales also have big bad wolves and, inexplicably, nasty things begin to happen to Heather. As Bev tries her best to protect her friend, she comes to rely on Ned who gradually becomes her Prince Charming. After they manage to ensure that the bad wolf is locked up, the idyll ends. Bev flies home to Vancouver (YVR) bolstered by the Ned's promise of Paris.Bev learned a lot in Australia, about herself and the value of money. Before winning her jackpot, she had been a senior, living on pensions and thinking hard before spending money. She had no idea that this sense of worth was deeply ingrained and that she would become uneasy with the luxury of her Australian trip and worry about the jackpot. She hadn't earned it. How could she do lasting good with it?"I devoured LAC-SYD-YVR in 4 sittings. It was really, really fun. I especially enjoyed the slowly developing, mutually respectful relationship with Ned. I will recommend it to my friends—octogenarian or not." KATHY TYERS, NY Times bestselling author.