Last Bets, Mary Carroll Moore
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Last Bets

Narrator: Alex Furness

Unabridged: 7 hr 2 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Riverbed Press

Published: 04/21/2024


Escape to paradise. Find trouble instead!Last Bets, by award-winning author of the bestseller, A Woman's Guide to Search & Rescue, is a fast-paced suspense novel that will appeal to fans of The Queen's Gambit and The White Lotus. In Mary Carroll Moore's must-read new book, female ambition and morality collide in the darkness of a gambling underworld on the idyllic, exotic island of Bonaire.As a child, Elly Sorensen's gambler father drafted his daughter to use her paranormal gift of second sight to help him win big at gambling tables. After nearly getting killed back then, Elly vowed never again.Now she secretly uses her visions to paint portraits with startling authenticity. Celebrities seek out Elly for her rare talent at capturing their essence. She's at the height of her artistic career.Then Elly's estranged husband suddenly dies, leaving her with massive debts that must be paid right away. To quickly make the amount of money she needs, Elly flees to the Caribbean island of Bonaire to finish a commission for a wealthy man.There, she meets Australian teenager and kindred spirit Rosie Ryan. Rosie's father also uses his daughter to scout information that nefariously helps him win at gambling. Rosie reminds Elly of her sister Lily, a girl she failed to rescue long ago.Rosie's emotional needs and deceptions, along with a deadly hurricane racing toward the island, draw Elly back into the gambling world to win the fast money she desperately needs.Even though Elly can barely rescue herself, will she use her paranormal powers again? Can she fully trust the grifter, Rosie? Underestimated by the men around them, what would happen if Rosie and Elly teamed up to conquer forces they never imagined? Will they fight for a future that promises real freedom?