Kobe Bryants Mamba Mentality Decoded..., The Sapiens Editorial
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Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality Decoded - Be Successful In Everything You Do With This Ironclad, Disciplined And Infallible Mindset

Narrator: CLS Creative

Abridged: 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/20/2022


KOBE BRYANT’S MAMBA MENTALITY DECODED BE SUCCESSFUL IN EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH THIS IRONCLAD, DISCIPLINED AND INFALLIBLE MINDSET - ABOUT THIS BOOKA black mamba is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. It has the fastest strike in the snake kingdom and its venom is highly toxic to humans. This snake is capable of killing a person within 20 minutes. The black mamba is also an incredibly powerful animal, as it can jump up to four meters into trees, making it an extremely difficult prey for predators. It has been described as having "superhuman" strength due to its large size, muscular body, and long fangs, whichallow it to inject lethal amounts of venom into its victims' bloodstreams with a single bite (or lunge). Lastly, this species has proven itself intelligent by being able to adapt its hunting style based on new surroundings or potential threats after migrating from Africa into Asia--a feat only few other animals like humans have been able to accomplish successfully! After considering all of these extraordinary qualities, it is not surprising that Kobe Bryant was based on this wonderful creature to give shape and name to his incredible and invincible mentality, which led him to success. - CONTENTIntroduction What Is The Black Mamba Mentality The Black Mamba Mentality Helps You Fulfill Your Dreams You Know What’s Best For You How To Work Harder With The Black Mamba Mentality Why Hard Work Outweighs Talent You Need To Have Confidence To Pursue Your Dreams Why You Must Wake Up Early If You Want To Be Successful You Must Prepare And Practice To Gain Success In Anything In Life