KING OF ZION, Blake Schulze
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Why Every Believer Should Care about Israel and the Return of King Jesus to Jerusalem

Author: Blake Schulze

Narrator: Blake Schulze

Unabridged: 9 hr 26 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/21/2023


LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH CLARITY & COURAGE AS YOU GROW IN UNDERSTANDING ISRAEL, THE RETURN OF THE KING, & HIS MISSION TO SEE THE NATIONS SING.Believers from all backgrounds are beckoned to care about Israel because it's not a side topic-it's a critical aspect of the good news of the gospel.Jesus has a beautiful plan He set in motion at creation, and He's not giving up on what He wanted from the start. This book will anchor you in biblical hope, setting you on a path to be free from the fleeting cares of this age and engage wholeheartedly with the mission of God. It's a must-read for missionaries and church leaders to get a glimpse into the burning heart of God for Israel and to see why Jerusalem is epically important in Jesus' mission for the earth.Today, there circulates many waves and winds of doctrine that cloud the lens through which believers read the Bible. This book aims to cut through the noise and deliver you from the confusion, blindness, and ignorance that have crept into the body of Christ regarding God's purpose for Israel. You'll get tethered to the heartbeat of God that thunders from Genesis to Revelation, and care more deeply about Jesus' glorious future for Israel."A must read for the younger generations as well as for all." -Don Finto"This book will impart a vision in your heart and an unshakable hope." -Joel Richardson"Experience the exhilaration of living for Jesus' mission today." -Murray and Deborah Hiebert"Rightly understanding God's purposes for Israel is critical in this generation. Blake gives clear and practical insights into God's beautiful story to reveal Jesus." -Mike Bickle