Keto for Women Over 50, Megan Whiteley
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Keto for Women Over 50
The Ultimate Guide for Mature Women to Take a Low-Carb Approach to a Healthier, Longer Lifestyle

Narrator: Annmarie Cullen

Unabridged: 3 hr 2 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Megan Whiteley

Published: 04/13/2020


Are you looking for a regimen that will not only change your weight but the way your body processes fat entirely? Then keep reading!For women, many of us know that our bodies have a few key areas where fat simply stays, no matter what we do. It just so happens that the ketogenic diet might be the answer to this problem. It also seems like the ketogenic diet might be the most optimal solution for keeping the weight off without having to struggle through fad diets, crash meal plans, dangerous synthetic hormones, or starving yourself.In this wonderful guide on keto for women over the age of 50, you will find:Explanations for why the body holds onto fat the way it does and how to make it stop.Helpful tips on where you can really save money in doing your keto diet, versus where to spend your money on things that count.100 delicious recipes for meals and snacks that will stick with you for hours, leaving you satisfied with their delicious flavor and nutritious ingredients.Ways to boost your fat burning while you’re on keto so you get the very best results, no matter what.How to get around the things that can scare away new keto dieters before they really get the most out of their regimen.So much more!You don’t have to suffer through diets that don’t work and which keep you from enjoying meals and occasions with your friends and family. Keto is the ideal regimen for people who crave flavor, who like decently-sized portions at mealtimes, who enjoy the heartier foods in life, and who want lasting weight loss that will give them energy like they’ve never felt before. If you’re tired of diets that just don’t work and if you’re tired of diets being sold to you like they’re the magic bullet that will solve everything, then look no further!Get your copy of Keto for Women over 50 today!