Keto Diet for Women, Ava Williams
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Keto Diet for Women
The Complete Keto for Beginners guide and for Women over 50

Author: Ava Williams

Narrator: Melissa Dionne

Unabridged: 2 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Ava Williams

Published: 06/13/2021


Are you struggling to lose weight?Do you feel a sense of hopelessness that any weight loss won’t be permanent?If you said yes, play close attention!The secrets revealed in this book are powerful and somewhat frustrating to know. Because the truth is – you’ve been lied to. Big businesses in the sugar industry manipulated nutrition research in a way that made the public, thus you, think that fat is bad and carbs are good. In truth, it’s the complete opposite.Practitioners all over the world, report how a Keto diet transformed their body, and consequently their lifestyle. Diabetes have been reversed thanks to Keto, which “shouldn’t be possible”. Just imagine waking up and not feeling tired or worn out, but instead fully energized. Imagine going through a day without a single craving for food, while still enjoying the sensation of being full. This idea can become your reality – starting today.In this book you’ll discover:What is a keto dietWhat happens when we follow a keto dietWhy is Keto good for your mind and body?What is ketosis?How should you start a keto dietCommon pitfalls and how to avoid themWhat you can eat50 Keto recipesThis audiobook will work as your personal guide on your Keto Journey. Buy it now, and enjoy amazing weight loss results.Make an active decision today, to not be fooled by big corporations anymore. Take charge of your life and get your dream body by buying this audiobook now.Simply scroll up and buy it. You deserve it.