Just Right, Rob Christopher
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Just Right

Unabridged: 7 hr 26 min

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Published: 03/14/2022


It’s the dirty little secret of our American civil justice system: Getting real justice in everyday lawsuits costs too much. Legal fees and hidden costs dwarf financial stakes, forcing a choice between frustrating settlement or a long slog through litigation’s due process—either path feeling like legalized extortion. This huge and growing gap in our civil justice system occupies a no-man’s-land of prevailing injustice between small claims and high stakes disputes, defying all efforts to control it for decades.Until now. Legal insider Robert Christopher cuts to the core of the problem, offering an effective and practical solution that exposes and deters the claims of schemers and opportunists while making justice attainable and affordable for honest adversaries seeking a better path.Just Right articulates and promotes a simple and innovative neutral-driven approach to conflict resolution, instead of one driven by competing lawyer teams. Developed using lessons taught over a broad forty-year career in litigation and business, the method—which the author calls NDR—enables people and organizations to avoid most common legal disputes, and, when necessary, resolve them quickly and cost-effectively with minimal stress and distraction. Whether prescribed by contract or invoked during negotiations, the method delivers principled, fast, and cost-effective outcomes to all parties—win or lose.This book is a must read if you are:- Passionate about building and keeping long term relationships with partners, customers, suppliers, contractors, employees, and others- A business owner, executive, entrepreneur, or corporate general counsel- An attorney committed to your clients’ best overall interests and net outcomes- Anyone who wants a fair and practical approach to conflict resolution that delivers real justice while saving everyone time, money, and peace of mind