Just Dont Be an Asshle, Kara Kinney Cartwright
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Just Don't Be an Assh*le
A Surprisingly Necessary Guide to Being a Good Guy

Unabridged: 3 hr 54 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/24/2020


This is the tough love that boys need to hear today: a candid and whipsmart guide to being a good guy in a world full of assh*les.

Despite their parents' best efforts, there are times when boys on the cusp of adulthood seem like they were raised by wolves. Or the internet. This anti-assh*le manifesto aims to provide young men with a framework for how to treat others--and themselves--with respect and dignity.

As it turns out, all guys need to learn one major lesson to safely avoid assh*le territory: Other people are also humans. (Whoa, right?) In this guide, Kara Kinney Cartwright, a mom who has raised two teenage boys, compiles all the unwritten rules of being a good guy--things she wanted to make sure she said to her own sons before they left home. Just Don't Be an Assh*le contains everything young men need to know to have positive interactions, make the best decisions, and recognize when they're being jerks, with clear instruction on how to do better. Some of the wisdom Cartwright covers includes: Don't be an assh*le to your family (parents are not your employees); don't be one at work (no one wants to hear your podcast idea); to women ("Are you up?" doesn't qualify as romance); or out in the world (people unlike you are also people). And finally, don't be an assh*le to yourself (it's okay not to have all the answers).

Just Don't Be an Assh*le is a frank, funny, and necessary guidebook for the next generation of teens--who will either save the world or destroy us all.