Jonathan Prince of Dreams, A. Corrin
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Jonathan: Prince of Dreams

Author: A. Corrin

Narrator: Dallis Seeker

Unabridged: 9 hr 16 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/30/2024


Still recovering from the tragic loss of his mother, Jonathan excels at sports, strives to keep his girlfriend happy, and at times fights with his abusive, alcoholic father. But Jonathan’s world is swept off its axis when he is knocked into a coma and sent to the Land of Dreams—a place filled with nightmarish monsters, fantastic creatures, and limitless adventures—where Jonathan discovers he is the future Griffin King, protector against nightmarish Rankers. With Jonathan trapped in the Land of Dreams, Rankers begin appearing in the real world and wreaking havoc—toying with the darkness in people’s hearts and driving dark thoughts into action—bringing harm to those nearest to Jonathan.As Jonathan journeys across the corrupted Land of Dreams gathering allies, he learns he must conquer the demons in his past to defeat the Rankers, find his way out of his coma, and bring peace to his own life and the Land of Dreams. Although he may not be quite ready to take on the role of guardian of dreams and destroyer of nightmares, he learns that perhaps he’s found something worth fighting—and maybe even dying—for.