Intrusion Protocol, B.R. Keid
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Intrusion Protocol

Author: B.R. Keid

Narrator: Kenneth Fuentes

Unabridged: 11 hr 23 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/17/2023


A military coder with a score to settle. An illegal AI with an independent streak. As galactic conflict looms, what will they risk to keep each other alive?Technical Specialist Kerry Sevvers is an elite combat programmer, the best in the Division. Aboard the autonomous warship CDNS Alexander Lehman, Sev and his squad of A.I. hunt raider ships threatening humanity's last colonies. Beneath the routine of his duties, a personal project with an illegal A.I. puts his entire career at risk.When a sudden transfer order threatens to expose his secret activities, Sev makes an impulsive choice. Desperate to keep his work hidden, he volunteers for a high-stakes rescue mission with hardened Marines and a mysterious intelligence operative deep in raider territory.Sev must grapple with the brutal reality of front-line combat, a stark contrast to his remote drone warfare. Inside an ancient derelict past the edge of known space, he confronts nightmarish threats from humanity's tragic past. With danger closing in, his skills are stretched to their limit; the survival of him and his team hangs in the balance.Caught in the crossfire of a growing interstellar conflict, Sev is forced to confront his past, challenge his instincts, and risk everything to protect humanity's fragile future. In the heart of battle, one question lingers - who can he trust when the lines between friend and enemy blur?Intrusion Protocol is a journey into a universe filled with danger, intrigue, and survival spirit. Dive into this thrilling epic of resilience, deception, and the unbreakable bond between man and machine.Lock and code! The future of Colonial Defense is automated.