Influence People  SelfEsteem 2in1..., Brad Cole
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Influence People + Self-Esteem 2-in-1

Author: Brad Cole

Unabridged: 10 hr 35 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/04/2022


Do you ever wish to evoke exactly what you want with a simple gesture or tone of voice? Can you imagine how it would be to command more respect from the people around you? Then you need to keep reading...The human mind can be easily influenced and psychologists have always agreed on this powerful statement. In fact, there are techniques that can incite specific responses or behaviors that can trigger other people's personalities. This includes two books: Influence People 2.0: proven methods to analyze people, control your emotions and body language, leverage persuasion in business and relationshipsSelf-Esteem Affirmations: 3867 motivational affirmations and positive daily quotes that will change your life and self-awareness in just 7 daysHere's a short preview of what you'll discover:- How to start developing strong emotional intelligence NOW with nine methods. (Become psychologically untouchable with these expert-tested tips so that you can control your emotions!)- How to put into practice reverse psychology with a step-by-step guide and how to obtain what you want from other people.- Little-known secrets to decipher facial expressions, hidden messages or other types of behavior.- The most effective way to manipulate your boss and negotiate with success.- How to build strong self-esteem FOREVER with life-changing tips.- The secret to boosting your confidence and to understand the real reasons behind your feelings.- Powerful positive affirmations to let go of all negative thoughts and develop a positive attitude.- Inspiring affirmations to gain confidence in an INSTANT and receive respect from others. (Develop a bossy mindset so that you can reach all your goals!)And much, much more...Even if you've always been a total nobody who is often ignored or you've never been the dominant personality of the group.If you want to access these advanced techniques and transition from "played" to "major player," start this book today!