In Your Power, Sharon Melnick
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In Your Power
React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others

Narrator: Diana Gardiner

Unabridged: 8 hr 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: G&D Media

Published: 07/11/2023


Be Powerful in a World that Can Make You Feel PowerlessWhether dealing with an underperforming team member, an undervaluing boss, an undermining colleague, a difficult family member or partner, or the overwhelm of too much to do, we can find ourselves feeling “out of our power.” In this state of feeling ‘done to,’ emotionally hijacked, or in a mental swirl, the typical things we do to try to make it better often make it worse.Based on her research at Harvard Medical School and twenty years as a business psychologist, Dr. Sharon Melnick, a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach, shows you how to get back “in your power,” where you see how much you can control to show up as your best self and get the outcome you want. In Your Power: React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others guides you through twelve Power Portals, giving you a new approach to stop reacting to others’ limitations and instead raise yourself and others to be limitless. You will be able to: Reframe the problem to instantly find new solutions that benefit everyone and improve the culture you are all dealing with Neutralize the emotional effects of other people’s negativity, rather than internalizing it, and recover quickly Align others with your vision and powerful truth so they are emotionally moved and engaged to actThe insights you’ll learn fuel resilience and well-being, rather than burnout, which comes from lack of power. In Your Power will help you win the promotion, get team members to perform at your standards, grow your business, connect with difficult loved ones, and maximize what you can control in the face of world events. With this bulletproof recipe, you can set the tone and be the best version of yourself all day long, no matter what situation you find yourself in.