Hypnosis for Stress, James Mesmer
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Hypnosis for Stress
A Powerful Guide to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relax the Body, Sleep Well and Become Happier

Author: James Mesmer

Narrator: Dean Bryan

Unabridged: 3 hr 41 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/04/2021


Uncontrolled stress has a way of turning itself into anxiety, worry, and even depression. Daily responsibilities, job duties and relationships will take their toll on you if your downtime is limited. That's why stress relief is so important-it's like a reset button for your mind and body. This hypnosis is intended to give you the reset button-a way to unwind and immediately feel more comfortable and at ease.Stress is the imbalance that comes from the depletion of one’s energy. This also means you can't give more than you did. Stress strengthens adaptability and requires self-preservation. Without that, we can never change or improve, and we can not avoid or face-threatening situations. A little stress is good, but there are horrific consequences for a lot of stress. The control of stress is a wise skill to gain.Your brain is preprogrammed for stress reaction and follows a preprogrammed and highly predictable pattern. This approach is intended for quick and managed stress management. When you prolong the period for a long time, your body starts to kill itself in a futile attempt to survive. Practicing tragedies in stress management will ensure that this does not occur.Stress itself can come from many locations and for several durations. Knowing the fundamental principles of stress, Cortisol (primary stress hormone), and the ways stress affects us can boost your sensitivity and strength.This hypnosis session will help you:UNDERSTANDING STRESSCAUSES OF STRESSTIPS TO CHANGE THE WAY WE DEAL WITH STRESSBENEFITS OF HYPNOSISAnd many more!