Hydroponics for Beginners An Easy Gu..., Vivian Storper
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Hydroponics for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Sustainable Hydroponics and Aquaponics System, and Growing Fruits, Organic Vegetables, and Herbs

Narrator: Hailey Neilson

Unabridged: 3 hr 5 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/09/2020


Have you been looking for an engaging guide to introduce you to the leading-edge technology of agriculture known as hydroponics?And are you looking for a guide that will help you reduce the mistakes you make while venturing into hydroponics while ensuring you maximize your yields and more?If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…You Are About To Discover Exactly How To Venture Into Hydroponics Farming With Confidence About What To Do At Different Times And Ace The Process To Have A Thriving Garden That Provides You A Steady Supply Of Fresh Farm Produce All Year Round!It’s no secret that as the global population keeps growing steadily, food and other resources like space (land) and finances are becoming scarcer. The traditional systems of agriculture have been getting more and more obsolete by the day due to the scarcity of some of these factors (space, water, labor, time and finances) and individuals and communities are struggling to find sustainable alternatives to feed themselves, make money off farming or even indulge in their “agri-hobbies”. Hydroponic agriculture has therefore come as a savior to individuals, corporations and communities to continue pursuing their dreams of providing healthy food even with factors like space, water, time, labor and finances in their most limited states.So you definitely made a great choice choosing hydroponics, as this is the technology that will take your agricultural practice to another level.You’ll Discover: • What the hydroponics system is, and how it works • How to select the best hydroponics technique for you according to your budget • How to select the best plants for your setup • How to maintain your hydroponics system • How to spot and fix common hydroponics problems • How to build your own hydroponics system in simple steps…And much more!