How to Write Your Worst Book Ever, Bradley Charbonneau
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How to Write Your Worst Book Ever
Unlock the Potential Within

Unabridged: 1 hr 48 min

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Published: 04/17/2021


Still struggling to finish that book?Perfectionism holding you back from even starting?Or maybe procrastination has you waiting for that elusive day on the calendar called “Someday”?PRO TIP: “Someday” is nowhere to be found on ANY calendar. In fact, there’s only one day on the calendar you have complete control over: today. This short book isn’t even so much about writing a book as it is “getting over yourself” and “breaking through our limiting beliefs.” We put so much pressure on ourselves to “work hard” and “make it perfect” that we are often swamped with stagnation and we make zero progress.What if it were easy? What if it could be simple? Light? Even fun?Author of 30 books, Bradley Charbonneau spent 9 years of his life “planning” and “thinking about” and sometimes even “talking about with friends” but certainly not actually, you know, “writing” his Perfect Book. He got tired of hearing from (not-so-) soon-to-be authors about how they were “working on their books” or maybe “just a few more rounds of edits and it will be perfect” or the worst one of all, “I’m thinking about writing a book.” What if we took away the pressure of perfection? What if we pulverized procrastination? What if we wrote our Best Book Ever as our SECOND book and first we broke through our challenges with our Worst Book Ever first?Sure, you can join the hordes of now-successfully branded as “Worst Book Ever” alumni who have completed the 10-day challenge, or you can read this quick book, discover the the biggest roadblock is usually just your mindset, and bust open the gates to your power. Or not.Or wait for someday.The thing is … there’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours. Welcome to the Worst Book Ever.