How to Succeed in Evil, Patrick E. McLean
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How to Succeed in Evil

Unabridged: 10 hr 58 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/26/2020


How to Succeed in Evil the first book since 'Good Omens' to make me laugh so hard that I lost my place and then prevented me from reading further by putting tears in my eyes. If you love superheroes and comics like I do, or hate them like my wife does, you'll find this book awesome." Audiobook ReviewerJoin Edwin Windsor as he uses nothing more than his intelligence to help supervillains be more profitable and sensible about the business side of Evil.Along with his very proper English secretary, Agnes, and his hench-lawyer Topper, he struggles to make the world of super-powered people make sense. Which is very difficult because, while Edwin’s advice is excellent, all of his clients are too egomaniacal to listen.Edwin struggles with a cast of characters including, Dr. Loeb, a trust fund child who desperately wants to be an Evil Genius, but has none of the talents. Dr. Loeb’s hideous mother, Iphagenia – whose evil scheme is to foment a second Southern Rebellion, beginning with Lower Alabama. And the Cromogoldon, a brute with forehead villainous low and quite possibly the strongest creature on the planet.Inevitably, Edwin’s unique clientele lead him into conflict with the greatest superhero of them all, Excelsior. And so, the quiet, restrained intellectual is pitted against otherworldly heroic force. Will Edwin Windsor succeed in Evil?