How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors, CARLOS M. VILLALOBOS
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How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors
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Narrator: Ryan Simpson

Unabridged: 4 hr 1 min

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Published: 09/30/2019


Most failures when it come to Cannabis cultivation caused by the lack of preparation on implementing proper fencing and other security measurements, hiding trail, insufficient soil improvements (if any), wrong location positioning for Sunlight coverage, incorrect watering schedule or insufficient water provided, unawareness of licenced hunters presence, and that's just a tip of the iceberg!-The solution for successful harvest is a appropriate preparation and hunger for knowledge, so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises!...AND THIS IS WHY YOU MUST GET THIS AUDIOBOOK TODAY!THIS BOOK WILL TEACH YOU:What you must consider before getting startedHow to measure the dimensions of your grow areaWhat tools and equipment you must have to grow outdoorsHow to choose a grow site for Guerrilla GrowingHow to position your grow space for perfect sunlight coverageHow to prepare your grow spot by amending the available soilHow to provide the best protection against Cold temperaturesHow to arrange proper safety against wild animals & Marijuana thievesHow to deliver consistent and stable water supplyInitial Indoor Grow Process for Guerilla GrowingWhat to Expect from Weather conditions such as Frost, Mist, Wind, DraftSoil Enhancements Techniques and RecommendationsHow to Locate, Defend & Eliminate Spider MitesHow to Recognize & Eliminate Gray Mold aka BotrytisHow to Identify & Eliminate Leaves IssuesHow to Identify & Eliminate Mildew, Earworms, Woodrats, and BotrytisHow to Identify and Eliminate Pill Bugs & EarwigsHow to Identify & Eliminate Slugs, Snails, Thrips & AphidsHow to Identify & Eliminate Gophers, Moles and Voles and much more...BUY THIS AUDIOBOOK NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY!