How to Build and Keep Good Habits Wh..., Jennifer N. Smith
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How to Build and Keep Good Habits: Where we are Going Wrong, and How to Improve our Lives with Healthier and Better Habits

Unabridged: 2 hr 3 min

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Published: 01/20/2021


What are your good habits that you are proud of? What are the bad ones you know you need to change? Human beings are complex characters, full of both good and bad habit. Most of the time, we know what we should be doing but still can’t seem to find the drive. We know of all the good habits that can make us better as a person, but they seem almost too difficult to achieve. This book - “How to Build and Keep Good Habits: Where we are Going Wrong, and How to Improve our Lives with Healthier and Better Habits” is a one-stop guideline to everything you need to know about good and bad habits. In this book, you will find: -        A list of the common bad habits we generally have, from not drinking enough water to procrastinating; -        Reasons why we can’t seem to get rid of our bad habits and why we fell into them in the first place; -        Different aspects of our lives that we can improve with more good habits; -        Practical ways to make sure we incorporate the important good habits into our lives; -        Best habits to make our lives better; -        Bonus chapter with a list of good habits for everyone. If you want to know where you went wrong, why you have ended up with too many bad habits and how you can get rid of them, this is the book for you. … and if you not only want to build some good habits but also keep them for life, this is definitely the book for you!