Hero in Promise, Marti Shane
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Hero in Promise

Author: Marti Shane

Narrator: Lessa Lamb

Unabridged: 7 hr 50 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Marti Shane

Published: 07/31/2021


When Shy steps into the face of danger, she exposes her boss for what he really is—a hero.Shy has escaped poverty and the addictions of her family and has buried it all in the past to land her dream job at Curtis Black and Associates. Ready for her first case as lead researcher, she’s forced to recuse herself when her half brother, whom she has successfully avoided her whole life, is the primary suspect in the case. As if revealing her relation in front of the senior partners isn’t damaging enough, she’s demoted to being an assistant for Atlanta’s most charming bachelor, Kyler Ross. The man is lethally handsome and sinfully smooth, with a serious phobia of office romance. Determined to prove her estrangement from her brother and return to her rightful position, Shy faces the brother she’s never known, only to find herself wanting to help him. Surprisingly, her new boss is more than charm and good looks. He’s willing to help, and lucky for her, he never loses.Kyler Ross doesn’t need another Candice in his life. All it takes is one accusation for an assistant to ruin a boss’s reputation. When Curtis Black asks him to take on his star employee as a temporary assistant, believing she may need protection, he’s less than thrilled to have the babysitting job—until he comes face-to-face with Shy Santino. Professional, witty, and even more full of herself than he is, she’s the sexiest woman he’s ever met. What’s the risk of having her? When she’s snatched from the street right in front of him, he gets his answer. He’ll risk his life to have the rest of his life with her.