Great British Trials Box Set, Mr Punch
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Great British Trials Box Set
Three gripping courtroom dramas adapted from the original trial transcripts

Author: Mr Punch

Abridged: 7 hr 58 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/30/2022


Great British Trials Box SetA fascinating glimpse into some of the most notorious crimes and trials of the last 100 years, using the original trial transcripts. The Trial of Ruth EllisAt 9 am on 13th July 1955, Ruth Ellis became the last woman to hang in Britain.  Convicted of shooting her unfaithful lover in cold blood as he stood by his sports car, the calm and dignified court appearance of this mother of two and the furore that accompanied her sentence, ensured that this trial was to have a memorable place in the annals of British justice.  Starring JEMMA REDGRAVE as Ruth Ellis with full supporting cast. The Trial of Dr CrippenMild-mannered Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen committed one of the most notorious English murders of the 20th Century.  In early 1910 he dismembered his wife's body and buried the remains in the coal cellar. His trial was expected to be a formality, but Crippen pleaded 'Not Guilty!', and so begins this strangely moving tale of passion and despair.  Starring ANDREW SACHS as Dr Crippen with full supporting cast.  10 Rillington PlaceIn March 1950, Timothy Evans, aged 25, was hanged for the murder of his young baby Geraldine.  16 years later the Queen was to grant him a full pardon.  So why did Evans confess to murder?  Why was Christie not arrested until three years later?  The shocking truth was to horrify the nation.  Starring RONALD PICKUP as John Reginald Halliday Christie with full supporting cast. “Mr Punch is going from strength to strength, continuing their good run of classy audio”  Talking Business