From The Book of 1 Enoch: Book of The Watchers, Robert J. Bagley
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From The Book of 1 Enoch: Book of The Watchers

Author: Robert J. Bagley, MA

Narrator: Steve Cook

Unabridged: 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Author's Republic

Published: 08/17/2017

Genre: Religion - Judaism - History


“I don’t consider the book of 1 Enoch to be inspired and canonical,” says Michael S. Heiser, “but this is no excuse for neglecting it in the study of Scripture.” Furthermore, Dr. Dale Sides challenges, “If referring to the book of Enoch bothers some individuals, then they will need to take the matter up with Jesus, Jude, Peter, the Ethiopian Jews and a host of recognized scholars around the world.”2 Found in the Qumran caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Qumran Cave 4) and presumed to be written before 170 BC, chapters 1-36 of 1 Enoch are also referred to as ‘The Book of the Watchers.’ These passages are also known to incorporate portions of the ‘Book of Noah.’ The theme of the Watchers is final judgement and incorporates the expository background of one of the most spectacularly glossed-over, overlooked, and misunderstood Scriptures in the Bible – Genesis 6:1-4. The “sons of God” referred to in Genesis 6:2 are explained in detail in The Book of the Watchers. These Watchers were supposed to be “watching’ the earth as part of their heavenly ministry, but instead they transgressed and became fallen angels. How did they become fallen angels? They saw that women on earth were pleasant to look at and schemed/colluded to somehow incarnate themselves (literally celestial or, dare we say, ‘extraterrestrial’ beings manifesting in some kind of physical form) in order to impregnate women and corrupt the blood line of humans. The offspring of the Watchers (and their human mates) were what the bible calls “giants” or “Nephilim.” These half-humans/half-fallen-angel hybrids were extremely wicked and began eating everything…and everybody! THIS IS the reason, some scholars say, for God’s sending the flood of Noah. Additionally, the Book of the Watchers outlines how these fallen angels corrupted mankind by teaching them forbidden knowledge of weapon-making, sorcery, witchcraft, astrology and other forbidden technologies. Consequently, when the flood washed them all away, the disembodied sprits of the Nephilim became the unclean spirits (i.e. demons) we now have roaming the earth (Luke 11: 24-26, Matthew 8:28-32). All of these things and more are outlined in The Book of the Watchers. We exhort you to keep your spiritual eyes, ears, and heart open as you dive into ‘The Book of The Watchers’ and prayfully consider its relevance today. Keep “Watching!” (Matthew 25:13)


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