From Malthus to Mars, Nicolai Chen Nielsen, Lars Tvede
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From Malthus to Mars
How to Live, Lead, and Learn in an Exponential World

Narrator: Matthew Waterson

Unabridged: 9 hr 33 min

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Published: 07/11/2023

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“A compact, insightful, and practical guide for leaders and managers to flourish in our coming Exponential Age”—Azeem Azhar, founder, Exponential ViewIn 1798, the influential cleric, scholar, and economist Thomas Malthus predicted that the world would soon run out of food, as linear food production growth would be unable to feed the exponentially growing population. Fast forward 200 years, and the world's population has grown almost 10 times, and we are closer to colonizing Mars than we ever will be of running out of food.The reason? Innovation.Innovation driven by mass digitization and the convergence of exponentially growing technologies. We know that exponential laws often follow predictable patterns, and this allows us to predict when futuristic applications will become possible and economically feasible.In From Malthus to Mars, Nicolai Chen Nielsen and Lars Tvede outline the wild future that we are speeding into. Wild, among other things, in terms of anti-ageing, compact farming, robotics, radically new energy solutions, and a fast, fluid, and flexible world of work. The authors map concrete forecasts for when upcoming technologies will break through and change our world, and they paint a picture of what the future in the coming years will look like.We will learn that while the future is destined to bring a multitude of new opportunities and enhanced abundance, it will also bring increased demands for us as individuals and as organizations. To equip us to thrive in the future, Nielsen and Tvede outline eight key mindsets. These mindsets will help us navigate future trends, reach our most desired future, and give us the ability, as we understand trends, to apply exponentiality and make decisions under uncertainty. The authors also present ten shifts that winning organizations of the future must consider in order to transform themselves and their industries, again and again.Between them, Nielsen and Tvede have founded/co-founded 13 companies, advised more than 30 Fortune 500 companies, developed thousands of leaders, and published 20 books.