From Ballots to Mugshots, Thomas T. Taylor
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From Ballots to Mugshots
A Study of Political Corruption, Crime, and Consequences in the U.S.

Narrator: Jack Pemberton

Unabridged: 2 hr 50 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/12/2023


When it comes to politics, the journey from the ballot box to public office is often perceived as a noble path, driven by a desire to serve the public and make a positive impact on society. However, lurking behind the scenes is a darker side of politics, rife with corruption, crime, and their far-reaching consequences. From Ballots to Mugshots: A Study of Political Corruption, Crime, and Consequences in the U.S. peels back the curtain on the insidious world of political corruption, revealing its many forms and the mechanisms that enable it.Delve deep into the world of financial crimes, such as bribery and embezzlement, and explore the abuse of power through coercion, nepotism, and manipulation. The book also examines moral failings, personal indiscretions, and high crimes like treason and espionage that have plagued American politics for centuries. The narrative carefully navigates the intricacies of the judicial process, detailing the path from investigation and indictment to trial, sentencing, and the aftermath of conviction. Authoritative and meticulously researched, this book not only exposes the dark underbelly of American politics but also provides a comprehensive overview of the mechanisms of corruption, from the role of lobbyists and campaign finance to the power of patronage. The book also examines the role of the media, ethics committees, and public vigilance in holding those in power accountable and preventing corruption. The aftermath of political corruption is thoroughly analyzed, detailing its political, social, and personal fallout, as well as the processes that follow a vacant seat and life after conviction. From Ballots to Mugshots also offers a glimmer of hope by discussing potential solutions and preventative measures that can be implemented to curb political corruption and its detrimental effects. This compelling read is essential for anyone interested in American politics, law, and social justice.