Free Trader Box Set, Craig Martelle
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Free Trader Box Set
Books 1 - 3

Narrator: Gabriel Vaughan

Unabridged: 25 hr 1 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/02/2020


With a vision of a world free from a war, a cat and his human minions set out to change humanity. An epic tale awaits. Follow Braden, Micah, and the Golden Warrior as their adventures take them through the wasteland to the mystical south of Planet Vii. Book 1: Free Trader of Warren Deep: The journey begins with G-War and Braden as they are trying to find their way, make one more trade, set them up for life. Book 2: Free Trader of Planet Vii: It's no longer about just the Free Trader. He has a whole planet to change. Book 3: Adventures on RV Traveler: Braden, Micah, and G-War can't be constrained by one planet because what they need to accomplish can't be done on the ground. They head to the colonization ship for more adventures that will ultimately help the people of the planet, where they can't gt home quickly enough.