Free Time, Jenny Blake
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Free Time
Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business

Author: Jenny Blake

Narrator: Jenny Blake

Unabridged: 10 hr 36 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/22/2022

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Time is not money. Time is life force.Are you consistently doing the work that you and only you can do? Or are you burdened by busywork, the bottleneck blocking your company's profit and potential? Your time is far more precious than money. It is your presence, your memories, your quality of life. As a business owner, you are already paying a risk and pressure tax. For many, growth fueled by added stress is not worth the trade-off. You have an urge to simplify and streamline.A more joyful business is within reach. Imagine:Traveling, going off the grid, or handling family emergencies without panicking that everything will fall apart while you are gone.Working 10- to 20-hour weeks, delegating the rest to a part-time remote team.Answering questions with relief, knowing you don't have to "own" the next steps.Empowering your Delightfully Tiny Team™ to answer their own questions before they even have to ask you.Harnessing your creative energy for the strategic projects that excite you most.Jenny Blake, author of the award-winning book Pivot and co-creator of Google's acclaimed Career Guru coaching program, is back with her signature blend of heart-based operating principles and practical tools. This book will teach you how to move from friction to flow through smarter systems and the three-stage Free Time Framework.™Free Time is a playbook to free your mind, time, and team for your best work. This book will teach you and your team to operate efficiently and intuitively while earning abundantly, so you can make your greatest contribution as a business owner.