Forbidden Blood, B.T. Daniels
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Forbidden Blood
A Vampire Romance Novel

Author: B.T. Daniels

Narrator: Alec Shea

Unabridged: 3 hr 9 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/12/2016


In the city of Edgehaven, New York lives a man named Lucas Winslow. He’s the night-time security guard at a blood bank. Nothing really exciting happens in his life; he goes to class by day and guards the blood by night. He seems to have a fairly easy job as no one ever steals from a blood bank. At least that was Lucas’ assumption when he took the job. But then, one night, there is a break-in at the blood bank. Lucas investigates and finds himself face to face with the beautiful, ivory skinned Blair McMann. She seems ordinary at first glance but Lucas soon learns that she is far from normal. In fact, Blair is a vampire.Lucas cannot believe what he finds out about this gorgeous creature. After getting over the shock of the appearance of a supernatural being at his job, Lucas learns that Blair is on the run. There is another vampire is coming after her. He does not know why but he feels that it is his duty to protect this vampire from the man that is out to get her. Lucas sets off on a mission to help Blair escape her pursuer. His only intention was to help her get away. But the unexpected happened; he fell in love with Blair and now they have to deal with the problems from her past.Will Lucas and Blair get away from the vampire hunting her? Or will their love be lost before it even begins?