Finder, Suzanne Palmer
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The Finder Chronicles 1

Unabridged: 8 hr 57 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: GraphicAudio

Published: 01/01/2023


"Fergus Ferguson has been called a lot of names: thief, con artist, repo man. He prefers the term finder. His latest job should be simple. Find the spacecraft Venetia's Sword and steal it back from Arum Gilger, ex-nobleman turned power-hungry trade boss. He’ll slip in, decode the ship’s compromised AI security, and get out of town, Sword in hand. Fergus locates both Gilger and the ship in the farthest corner of human-inhabited space, a backwater deep space colony called Cernee. But Fergus’ arrival at the colony is anything but simple. A cable car explosion launches Cernee into civil war, and Fergus must ally with Gilger’s enemies to navigate a field of space mines and a small army of hostile mercenaries. What was supposed to be a routine job evolves into negotiating a power struggle between factions. Even worse, Fergus has become increasingly—and inconveniently—invested in the lives of the locals. It doesn’t help that a dangerous alien species Fergus thought mythical prove unsettlingly real, and their ominous triangle ships keep following him around. Foolhardy. Eccentric. Reckless. Whatever he’s called, Fergus will need all the help he can get to take back the Sword and maybe save Cernee from destruction in the process. Performed by Karen Novack, John Kielty, Khaya Fraites, Tyler Hyrchuk, DeJeanette Horne, Andrew James Spooner, Bradley Foster Smith, Rob McFadyen, Dawn Ursula, Julie-Ann Elliott, Lolita Horne, Aure Nash, Keith Richards, Neha Gargava, Kay Eluvian, Scott McCormick, Yasmin Tuazon, Julienne Irons, Jon Vertullo, Gabriel Michael, Mike Carnes, Elias Khalil, Daniel Llaca, Dan Delgado, Stephon Walker, Gail Shalan, Keval Shah, David Cui Cui, Donald Guzzi, Jeri Marshall, Earl Fisher, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Christopher Walker, Michael John Casey, Nora Achrati, Lorelei Freuler, Richard Rohan, Eric Messner, Joey Sourlis, Nhea Durousseau, Alejandro Ruiz, K’Lai Rivera, Trei Taylor, and Ken Jackson."