Fifty Weird Tales, E. F. Benson
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Fifty Weird Tales
Strange and Intriguing Stories

Narrator: Cathy Dobson

Unabridged: 23 hr 31 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/30/2014


A rich collection of diverse and fascinating stories by famous classic authors. 1.The Bus Conductor by E. F. Benson 2.The Murderer by Perceval Gibbon 3.The Death Mask by H. D. Everett 4.Caterpillars by E. F. Benson 5.His Brother’s Keeper by W. W. Jacobs 6.The Secret of the Black Bag by William Le Queux 7.A Joy Ride by A. J. Alan 8.The Perfect Murder by Stacy Aumonier 9.The Furnished Room by O. Henry 10.The Squaw by Bram Stoker 11.The Dust Cloud by E. F. Benson 12.The Idiot by Arnold Bennett 13.The Interruption by W. W. Jacobs 14.The Confession of Charles Linkworth by E. F. Benson 15.Fingers of a Hand by H. D. Everett 16.The Dream by A. J. Alan 17.The Man of the Night by Edgar Wallace 18.The Green Light by Barry Pain 19.The Dancing Partner by Jerome K. Jerome 20.The Man who stole a Meeting House by John Townsend Trowbridge 21.The Marionettes by O. Henry 22. A Witch in the Peak by R. Murray Gilchrist 23.Gavon’s Eve by E. F. Benson 24.The Secret of the Smoked Spectacles by William Le Queux 25.The Other Bed by E. F. Benson 26.My Adventure in Norfolk by A. J. Alan 27.The Room in the Tower by E. F. Benson 28.The Murder of the Mandarin by Arnold Bennett 29.Charles by A. J. Alan 30.The Haunted Doll’s House by M. R. JamesPlus twenty more gripping tales....