Extinction Live, Michael Mathiesen
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Extinction Live

Unabridged: 8 hr 23 min

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Published: 10/11/2021


Things on Planet Earth are going badly. There is no political will to stop or greatly curtail the use of fossil fuels which year over year makes the planet's temperature rise steadily. The average Earth man or woman also refuses to limit their consumption or cut back on their expectations of the quality of their lives and so the raping of the Earth will continue. Like drug addicts few are able to cut down on their habits even though they know it's killing them.By the middle of this century it becomes extremely hard for many species to remain alive. Like the proverbial 'Canary in the coal mine' Birds are the first to go. Then, the bees go missing and this puts the food supplies of the world on the verge of disappearing. But the worst is yet to come.Temperatures get so hot that most mammals cannot live our normal lives and then we hit the Tipping Point and there is nothing we can do to turn things around. The permafrost melts, the oceans heat to such a degree that methane from the ocean floor pours out and completely alters the atmosphere into something almost impossible for humans to breathe. It's just a matter of time. Global institutions collapse and complete chaos ensues. As a measure of complete desperation scientists have stored all of the DNA preserving nearly every life form on Earth since it began, in totally sealed caverns in the northern parts of Greenland as a way of possibly returning all life to the Earth someday far in the future, if it can ever be cooled off and brought back to normal.At the same time, a Martian Colony, based out of 'Musk Station', the main population center on Mars is having great success terraforming the Martian atmosphere and using the knowledge gained to make an attempt to rescue the Earth. But by now, the Earth's temperature has soared to almost 900 Deg. F, the melting point of lead. No living thing, not even a blade of grass has survived on Earth. Is that the end of everything?