Escaping the Timeline, Rebecca Trowbridge
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Escaping the Timeline
Poems on Family, Karma and Boundaries

Unabridged: 51 min

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Published: 05/04/2022


If you intend on a new start, avoiding the fractal vise of old entanglements, Escaping the Timeline is a restorative collection of poetry exploring the path between doing no harm and taking no crap.Table of Contents:Chapter 1: Family SnapshotCompassSpiny Leaf InsectRoyal PainMy Daughter, the InsurrectionistGetting Along with In-LawsPost-Exorcism Damage ControlInsomnia AnywayThe Smell of BreadNeuralgia11 PMChapter 2: Growing Up for the ChildrenFirst Time CookA Dream Where I Meet Repressed RageFirst to OutgrowLiterary SceneRetreatWelcome to your beautiful streamInternal CrisisDon't Rescue. The Desert is Infinite Potential EnergyCthuluRope Fell Out of the Sewing BoxFour Seasons Toward Self-LoveHoodoo RocksRi(f)tObligations and Torture at ChristmasEmotion-dumpers and Energy-feedersNot Smothering to Bother WithEscaping the TimelineChapter 3: Finding the Grace in EverythingSi(gh)tProtecting the BlessingsLearning IntegrityLoose endsBlue handsSuspendedViewing Drinkwater's Ocean Face BronzeViewing Ronald Ong's HeightsMarble CavesNudibranchsG-force NineLiftDracaena CinnabariLighting Incense to AncestorsThe Beaches Parkrun, Australia, December