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Emotional Intelligence: Start at Zero
A Beginner's Guide to Navigating Emotional Intelligence

Unabridged: 49 min

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Published: 07/17/2022


Would you like to get a better grip on emotional intelligence, rather than just factual knowledge?Emotional Intelligence is the ability to express one's self and handle situations intelligently, empathetically and is a skill valued more by employers than just factual knowledge. It affects how you interact with other, how to conduct yourself in various situations, and how to make the best possible decisions, using the right set of tools.Here is What You'll Learn in This Book:How to Navigate Situations in Life Using a Variety of MeansThe Importance of Laughter, Respect and HumilityUsing Boundaries, Integrity and OptimismIn the knowledge economy, people work increasingly with their heads (mental power) rather than with their hands (physical power). They are required to be independent, able to adapt, flexible and able to constantly deal with new knowledge, new tasks and new circumstances.The knowledge economy has necessitated increased interaction with colleagues and customers, meaning that more and more, people need to control their feelings and emotions. This is why Emotional Intelligence is particularly important in the new, challenging and highly competitive knowledge economy.Reasons Why this Book is Great…There are numerous books about Emotional Intelligence and numerous books about the Knowledge Economy but there are no books about the intersections between Emotional Intelligence and the Knowledge Economy.We are living in a time where it’s not a question of IF you will enter the Knowledge Economy; it’s a question of WHEN you will enter the Knowledge Economy. When your time arrives, you will need a set of Emotional Intelligence tools to help you navigate the treacherous and murky waters of the Knowledge Economy.