Emotional Intelligence How to improve..., Michaela Morrison
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Emotional Intelligence How to improve Your Relationships Easily and Raise Your EQ

Unabridged: 3 hr 16 min

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Published: 09/27/2020

Genre: Self-help


Emotional Intelligence is a skill and can be learned through constant practice and training, just like riding a bike or swimming! Society as it is known today has more than previous nations ever did. There is more accumulated wealth, more knowledge, and more technology. Yet studies show that the people in the past were happier than people today. We are the microwave, one-click nation. Everything is expected immediately. Because of a lack in patience, our society is full of uncontrolled emotional issues. With all of the discoveries and inventions that have taken place, all of the strides in the medical field, and access to anything we desire. We are out of control and it is affecting every area of our lives.This is where emotional intelligence comes in. Far too long have we focused on the general intelligence of individuals and ignored, even frowned upon emotions. But emotions fuel everything that we do. So in order to be successful in our personal lives, areas of academia, and the workplace, we must have a high level of emotional intelligence.Inside you will find What is emotional intelligence and why it is important?The history of emotional intelligenceCognitive behavioral therapy and its use in emotional intelligenceYou will learn how to increase your emotional intelligence.You will learn techniques to gain more self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-discipline.So what are you waiting for now? if you've read up here it means you want to make a change in your life, don't procrastinate or your success won't come!Take control of your habits and improve your life once and for all with just one click! Get this audiobook now and give yourself the chance to live the life you deserve!