Dyslexia, Adrian Tweeley
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Guide to Recognizing and Overcoming Dyslexia

Narrator: Weston Gritt

Unabridged: 55 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/10/2018


All the basics about dyslexia in a concise guide.You may know someone who has dyslexia, or maybe you have it yourself. It can be a real mystery if you’re left in the dark with comments that you’re just dumb or aren’t trying hard enough. The truth is, however, that dyslexia is an entirely different way of looking at things, and even though it comes with some delayed learning disabilities and struggles, it can also be an inspiring, deviant way for the brain to interpret objects and facts so as to create more success in life.In this audiobook, you’ll learn things like:What dyslexia is and what the symptoms are, both cognitively and emotionallyTips to recognize it faster and more accuratelyWhat impact the cerebral cortex and thalamus have on the brain of a dyslectic personHidden strengths and talents dyslectic people might haveHow to work with dyslectic kids and basic pointers for training and teaching them to master reading skillsSome of the most important speed reading techniques to applyExpert research conclusions from scientists and scholarsSuccessful celebrities who dealt with their dyslexia and turned it around for accomplishmentsThe origin of dyslexia, the role of genes, and the boys versus girls ratioThe six different types of dyslexia, and information about which ones are the most commonAnd much more!Don’t miss out on this concise guide to understanding dyslexia, the brain science behind it, and the most effective ways to help those who struggle.