Dropshipping Shopify Ecommerce 2020, Steve Gates
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Dropshipping Shopify E-commerce 2020
Learn the Secrets to Generate a Passive Income of $20,000 Each Month Using Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencer and Google Adword

Author: Steve Gates

Narrator: Thomas Mcnamara

Unabridged: 4 hr 2 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/14/2020


Are you looking for an online business that does not require a fortune and phenomenal skills to get started? Would you invest your time in a business that if done correctly could be scaled to $ 20,000 (and more) per month in a manner of weeks? And what if then it will continue generating great profits on its own, in a completely passive mode?Then this is not the book for you! Sounds weird? Keep reading....Well, do not get me wrong - dropshipping is a really great business model to trade stuff online in 2019 and beyond. However, to be honest and straightforward, passive income as most people intend is a pipe dream!The potential of a dropshipping business is infinite. You could literally earn more money in a month than you’ve ever earned before (at least it’s been like that for me), and it requires relatively little start-up capital since you don’t have to buy the things you’re going to sell, but you wouldn’t get anything with “little or no effort”, at least in the beginning when it comes to setting up the business.This handbook will literally guide you step by step through all the aspects that come with starting your own dropshipping business, exploring how to get started, what players are involved, what to do and to avoid, which are the most common and uncommon scenarios related, and, most relevant, how to scale the business.You will thank yourself later for choosing to listen to this audiobook.