Dont Want Popular Want To Be Me How ..., Patrice M Foster
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Don't Want Popular Want To Be Me How To Chart Your Own Path In Life And Stop Following The Crowd

Narrator: Patrice M Foster

Unabridged: 6 hr 35 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/12/2022

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Does a part of you feel your life choices are not exactly your own choices and you wish to understand why that is the case and what to do about it?And do you wish you could make decisions that are purely based on wanting the best for yourself as opposed to trying to impress other people or live as per the definitions of what other people think/feel is right?If you’ve answered YES,Let This Book Help You Turn Things Around So You Stop Chasing Acceptance And Conformity With The Masses And Instead Pursue And Focus On Your Uniqueness!Are you living your life or are you living someone else’s life? The desire to be popular and fashionable is one of the most powerful drivers of human behavior. You probably think that the decisions you make on a day to day basis are your own but the truth is that every choice you make is actually predetermined by your desire to be likeable. This phenomenon ripples out into every facet of your life and has a bigger impact on your life’s outcome than you can possibly imagine.Keep reading to learn how your life today is really the outcome of external pressure rather than internal logical decision making.  We all have that singular moment in our lives when everything changes forever, this is that moment for you. This book is about to change your life by showing you that contrary to your own expectations, every choice you make isn’t actually guided by conscious decision making but rather a strong desire to be popular and fit in. Unfortunately, the desire to fit in has disastrous consequences for your personal life as well as your academic and professional life. If you are ever going to achieve greatness, then you must learn how to drop the fake you and embrace the power of the real you.