Dont Quit in the Dip, Shaun Nepstad
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Don't Quit in the Dip
Stay Focused on God's Promises for You

Unabridged: 5 hr 42 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Worthy Books

Published: 08/18/2020


Heal from yesterday's pain and find hope for tomorrow with this inspirational guide -- and learn how God's faithfulness is working for your good, even when times are tough. If we are truly blessed to be a blessing, then we can take the lessons we learn in hardships and turn them around to help others navigate through their seasons of struggle. Hope and healing are the two words God has given us. Hope for tomorrow and healing from yesterday. Shaun Nepstad believes God wants to use our stories to bring hope and healing to others. When it comes to life, we've all asked, "Is there more?" We want to believe there's more to life than what we're currently experiencing. But the problem is, so much in life promises more but doesn't deliver. There's actually only One who can deliver the "more" we need, and that is Jesus. He delivers more than what we ask for or can even imagine. Consistently. Without fail. No matter what our situation looks like. Don't Quit in the Dip inspires us to keep fighting. To keep believing. And to keep helping us experience God's full blessing.


AudiobooksNow review by TERESA Cook-Williams on 2020-08-19 15:25:14

This book "Don't quit in the dip" is a MONUMENTAL MUST HAVE! During these unprecedented times, we ALL need to remember to keep moving forward and NEVER give up!! The BEST is yet to come! Pastor Shaun Nepstad tells it ON POINT in "real talk" fashion how he struggled, wanted to throw in the towel, but decided to STAND TALL and persevere to the place outside of his dip. Heart-warming, funny, and full of knowledge, this book would help everyone who is starting, manovering thorough, or just about to get their head up during their dip! Get it today! You get to hear from the incredible John Maxwell who wrote the forward to this book as well. My life has changed because of THIS man and his beautiful family! I am on a whole different level after experiencing this book. You WON'T regret it!! DON'T QUIT!!!