Difficult to Work With, Hellen Heels
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Difficult to Work With
Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels

Narrator: Katrina Medina

Unabridged: 34 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Hellen Heels

Published: 12/01/2021


Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels.He grunted. “Why would I want to do that when all that is needed to resolve everything is for you to simply vacate the class and let me teach.”She sighed. “I don’t believe this. Are you really serious? Are you even thinking of anything at all?”“Yeah, you bet I am thinking. I am thinking of how silly and unreasonable you are, trying to deny me of my time.”“How dare you call me silly and unreasonable, Mr. Brian. How dare you?” she fumed.“Of course you are being unreasonable and silly. All you need to do is get out now before I lose my temper with you.”“You cannot do anything to me, Mr. Brian. You cannot.”He looked at the pupils and saw that they were all watching both of them in silence.“Well? Are you now tired of making a fool of yourself?”He turned to look at her. “I will leave the class. But it is only because I don’t want to reveal just how foolish you are.”She chuckled. “Look at who is talking. A new teacher who does not know how stupid he had made himself appear.”“It is you who is not only stupid, but also an idiot,” he said as he picked his folder and left.“Coward and moron,” Natasha fired after him.