Decluttering, Mark creed
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Declutter your Mind, Relieve Anxiety, Simplifying your Life and live Happier with Stress Free , Using Techniques of the Power of Less & Habit (Minimalism,Essentialism)

Author: Mark creed

Narrator: Jacque Bischoff

Unabridged: 2 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/05/2020

Category: Self-help


Do you take a long time to go to sleep because problems rush through your mind? Worry is a common form of mental clutter, but it is not the only one. Negative self-talk, guilt, and regret also may clutter your mind, keeping you from focusing on the present moment. Often, physical and mental clutter feed on each other, but progress in one can bring surprising results in the other as well.Just how big is your clutter problem? No More Clutter in Your Mind will help you recognize whether you are:·The Cluttered·The Disorganized·The Stasher·The HoarderHow many consequences of clutter can you eliminate with the tools in this book? Are the following scenarios familiar?You can’t find an item you need, so you buy a replacementYou’re late because you can’t find your keys or that important documentYou frantically hunt for an item borrowed from a friend or a libraryYou spend extra time cleaning your home because you have to move objectsYou feel anxious because there’s so much clutterYou worry about drop-in guests or service people seeing your homeYou decline invitations because you fear you will have to reciprocateYou feel bad about yourself because clutter reminds you of unachieved goalsIt is easy to ignore a problem because it seems overwhelming, but this book provides solid, easy-to-execute tips for decluttering your mind and your life.