Crossdressing Stories, Hellen Heels
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Crossdressing Stories
You Are Under Arrest

Author: Hellen Heels

Narrator: Katrina Medina

Unabridged: 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Hellen Heels

Published: 06/02/2021


Enjoy short stories by Hellen Heels xoxoxo“I can count several traffic violations that you have committed already, James. And they are all very serious violations.”He stepped forward. “I haven’t committed any traffic violations, officer.”“That is not what I can see right here.”“Have you not been listening to a word that I have been saying? It is all the fault of that stupid fire hydrant, not me.”She nodded as she brought out note pad. “And I am guessing too that it is the fault of the fire hydrant that you are so drunk to realize that you are in serious trouble.”“Me? In serious trouble? No, no, no, you are mixing things up here. If there is anyone that has got to answer for their problems it is that f*** fire hydrant over there.”