Crossdressing Stories, Hellen Heels
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Crossdressing Stories
Welcome Treat

Author: Hellen Heels

Narrator: Katrina Medina

Unabridged: 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Hellen Heels

Published: 05/10/2021


“Yes, you are right, Mrs. Louise. I majored in Geography while in school. And that was what I taught while I was in my former school. So I believe that I should continue with it while I am here in Kingston High.”“Yes, you should. We would want to give our students the best knowledge possible. So if you are good in Geography then that is what you should be teaching them.”“Should he be excited that he is resuming when we are about to go on the Easter Holidays?” Mr. Martin asked.“Why shouldn’t he be excited? Aren’t we all excited?”Mr. Martin nodded. “I believe we all are. And it is only natural. So you see that it doesn’t matter if one is one year old, ten years old, or one day old here? It is really a natural thing to be excited. Or aren’t you excited, Mr. Duane?”Mr. Duane grinned. “Sure, you bet I am excited. Who doesn’t love the Easter holidays?”Mr. Martin snapped his fingers. “There. Can you hear it, Mrs. Louise? Can you hear what a new teacher in our midst is saying? Have I not been exonerated or not?”There was a chatter of excitement among the teachers.Mrs. Louise held up her hands. “Okay. I get the point. Please let us not digress. We are here to welcome Mr. Duane into our midst. And we all know how we do it here at Kingston High School. Let us welcome him right now.”Mr. Duane watched in amusement as the teachers stood up and began to shake him one after the other. Those at the back came to where he was standing while those close to him stood up to do the same. In all, every teacher there in the conference room shook hands with him.By the time they were through, Mrs. Louise waved at him. “There. I am sure you can see how close we all are here, Mr. Duane. I want you to feel at home with us all. Feel free to interact with us ...